Hidden Hills Fresh Frozen Cart - 2g Cartridge Heady Blend

We are now available with new 2g Fresh Frozen Cartridges – heady blends by Hidden Hills. With a consistent flavor and universal 510 connection, these cartridges are available in 4 different flavors:

  • Sour Diesel | Sativa | Heady Blend
  • Strawberry Cough | Indica | Heady Blend
  • Durban Poison | Hybrid | Heady Blend
  • Jack & Jill | Sativa | Heady Blend

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These heady blend cartridges by Hidden Hills are newcomers to the high-quality Fresh Frozen product line. These heady blends are a perfect combination of the newly discovered THC-B, THC-A ULTRA, and D9. These are enrolled with 510 universal connections. You can use these cartridges with the devices you already own. The infused optimized ceramic oil in these cartridges gives you consistent flavor and draws in every hit.

Everything you need to know about the available flavors:

1. Sour Diesel | Sativa | Heady Blend Super Sour Diesel, a potent sativa gives you a quick energy boost! It’s a strong strain with a smell like earth and gasoline. It will make you feel calm, focused, happy, and creative. It’s great for daytime use, but be warned – it’s super strong so new users might find it a bit much!

2. Strawberry Cough | Indica | Heady Blend Strawberry Cough smells amazing – just like strawberries with a hint of pine and pepper! This bud will give you energy and help you focus, making it perfect for getting things done in the daytime. It comes from a mix of a plant called Haze and another unknown plant that grew near strawberries. That’s why it tastes so much like them! Just be aware, it might have a bit of a spicy kick.

3. Durban Poison | Hybrid | Heady Blend Durban Poison hybrid is your buddy for a productive day! It smells like a mix of sweet, citrusy fruits, earth, and pine trees. This bud will give you energy and help you focus, making it perfect for getting things done. As a pure Sativa strain, Durban Poison is originally known for its uplifting and creative vibes.

4. Jack & Jill | Sativa | Heady Blend This Sativa strain offers a unique twist! It has a strong, gassy cannabis aroma with hints of sweet kush, pine, pepper, and citrus. While it’s a Sativa, which usually gives you energy, this one might leave you feeling more relaxed and happy.

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