Torch THC-A Live Rosin Disposable | 2.5g Vape

Immerse yourself in an elevated vaping experience with Torch THC-A Live Rosin Disposable – a fusion of sophistication and modernity designed for discerning cannabis enthusiasts. Embrace the laid-back essence of Torch THC-A, where each draw beckons you into a realm of authentic enjoyment.

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Explore a Symphony of Flavors:

  • Angel Cake (Indica)
  • Sour Gorilla (Sativa)
  • Star Berry (Hybrid)
  • Night Queen (Indica)
  • Island Honey (Sativa)
  • Banana OG (Indica)
  • Blue Cherry Gelato (Indica)
  • Pineapple Fruz (Sativa)
  • Pancake Ice (Sativa)
  • Rainbow Grape (Hybrid)

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