Tyson 2.0 Blunt Babies | 8 Count

  • 8 Pre-Rolls Per Tin
  • 12 Strains to Choose From
  • Potent Blend of THCP, THCA, HHCP, and D8

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Tyson 2.0 Blunt Babies | 8 Count

Dive into a new era of enjoyment with Tyson 2.0 Blunt Babies – your ticket to an elevated and potent experience. Each tin contains 8 meticulously crafted pre-rolls, each rolled to perfection for your smoking pleasure. What sets Tyson 2.0 Blunt Babies apart is the unique blend of THCP, THCA, HHCP, and D8, creating a powerhouse of cannabinoids that promises a memorable session.

Tyson 2.0 Blunt Babies take it up a notch with a carefully curated blend of cannabinoids. THCP for an extended high, THCA for a raw and unprocessed kick, HHCP for a holistic touch, and D8 for a balanced and smooth ride. It’s not just a pre-roll; it’s a blend designed for those who seek an extraordinary experience.

We believe in the art of rolling, and each Tyson 2.0 Blunt Baby is a testament to that. Carefully handcrafted, each pre-roll is a work of art – from the precision of the roll to the richness of the blend inside. It’s not just about smoking; it’s about savoring the craftsmanship and enjoying the fruits of meticulous labor.

Say goodbye to the hassle of rolling your own and embrace the effortless enjoyment Tyson 2.0 Blunt Babies bring. Each tin is a convenient package of 8 pre-rolls, ready to accompany you on your smoking journey. Perfect for solo sessions, sharing with friends, or keeping in your stash for whenever the mood strikes.

Tyson 2.0 Blunt Babies Strains

Explore a spectrum of strains to suit your mood and preferences. From the fruity vibes of Banana Runtz and Watermelon Zkittle to the classic and timeless OG Kush, Tyson 2.0 Blunt Babies offer a diverse menu. Whether you’re after the creative lift of Blue Dream or the relaxation of Northern Lights, there’s a strain waiting to enhance your moment. Tyson 2.0 Blunt Babies offer an array of strains to cater to diverse preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for the soothing embrace of Wedding Cake, the tropical burst of Pineapple Express, or the energizing effects of Sour Diesel, our selection has you covered. Elevate your smoking experience with a strain that suits your vibe.

  • Banana Runtz
  • Blue Dream
  • Blue Widow
  • Ice Cream Cookies
  • Northern Lights
  • Watermelon Zkittle
  • Wedding Cake

Additional Product Information

  • Made in USA
  • Crafted for Perfection
  • Discover Your Favorite Strains
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant

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